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Recognised as one of the leading maritime journals, Seaways is sent out to all members monthly. It is the international journal of The Nautical Institute and has the most vibrant professional correspondence section to be found anywhere in the industry.

June 2023: Free Article: DPA – the next step in your career?

May 2023: Free Article : Purpose, Planning, Preparation, Practice and Performance

April 2023: Free Article: The Ocean Project

March 2023: Free Article: Mobile phone use in pilotage waters

February 2023: Free Seaways Article: MASS - Where is the Master?

January 2023: Capt's Column - Mariners and the technology tide

December 2022: The Behavioural Competency Assessor Course

November 2022: Scanning: from screen to scene

October 2022 - MIPX - beyond the basics

September 2022 - An ocean of change

August 2022 - Translating incidents into safety lessons

July 2022 - System redundancy on cruise ships and DP vessels

April 2022 - Zero carbon - what, when, where?

March 2021 - Power Limitation and the EEXI

July 2019 - What failure has taught me