Group membership

Join us in a winning partnership. Gain a competitive edge through group NI membership.

Membership of The Nautical Institute offers significant benefits for individuals and organisations alike. By encouraging your staff to join the NI you'll not only be supporting their individual development - you'll also be giving your organisation a competitive edge.


Your partnership with one of the world's leading professional maritime bodies will be seen by your stakeholders as a very public statement of your organisation's commitment to improving competency, best practice and safety.

Get a discount when you join as a group...

In recognition of the economies of scale achieved through group arrangements the Institute is able to offer a discount of 30% on the cost of membership*, as well as waiving the normal joining fee. A Nautical Institute group membership account can be set up for 3 or more employees of an organisation.

* discount does not extend to group membership arrangements for students/cadets


To discuss how your organisation can benefit from establishing a winning partnership with The Nautical Institute please contact Chief Executive, Captain John Lloyd RD MBA FNI at