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14 Dec 2015

Issue 40 - Alert! - a strong international brand.

Promoting the Alert! legacy.

24 Aug 2015

Issue 39 - Risk management

... the role of the human element in the management of risk on board.

20 Apr 2015

Issue 38 - Health, wellbeing and welfare

... not trivial matters but they are closely connected to the practical matters of keeping ships and people safe and performing efficiently and well.

18 Dec 2014

Issue 37 - Survivability

Surviving the unexpected, the emergencies which raise their ugly heads in so many different guises, is the theme of this issue.

06 Aug 2014

Issue 36 - Operability, accessibility & manoeuvrability

A guide to useful design principles of operability which can make the operation of ships safer and easier, reducing the risks of accident.

22 Apr 2014

Issue 35 - Ergonomics and maintainability

...the study, design and maintenance of working environments for the benefit of the worker’s productivity, health, comfort and safety...

19 Dec 2013

Issue 34 - Habitability

Comfortable, clean, convivial accommodation, washing & toilet facilities, mess rooms, group meeting and exercise areas.....

02 Sep 2013

Issue 33 - Education & Training

An accident that should never have happened

01 May 2013

Issue 32 - Dealing with fatigue

An accident waiting to happen

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