Issue 32 - Dealing with fatigue

01 May 2013 Issue 32 Resource

An accident waiting to happen

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01 May 2013

Issue 32: Dealing with fatigue illustration

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01 May 2013

The complete guide to ship manning

Includes guidance on fatigue management

29 Jul 2013

Crew Endurance Management - Addressing the Mariner Lifestyle

The lifestyle of the mariner is challenging to the natural design of the human body. This 24/7 operation challenges crewmembers to work against their body’s natural biological need to sleep at certain times and adjust their other biological needs.

19 Aug 2013

A Rough Guide to interpreting the Principles of Safe Manning

The Guidelines for Determination of Minimum Safe Manning are only viable if they are strictly complied with. To date, there is no mathematical formula for assessing the manpower requirements of a ship taking into account these Guidelines - while these are very sensible guidelines.....

20 Aug 2013

An accident waiting to happen...

Piotr’s wife agreed it was unlucky that the accident which has blighted his career happened when he was on watch; he was a good man trying to do a good job. In the same circumstances it could have happened to anybody.

22 Aug 2013

An Introduction

In this issue of Alert! we offer some thoughts on safe manning, and on mitigating the effects of fatigue and other risk factors on crew endurance. We expand upon what has been articulated in issue 13 of Alert! - Time to wake up to the consequences of Fatigue - and its associated Vodcast.