Issue 14 - Communication

01 May 2007 Issue 14 HE Alert Bulletin

Effective communication is the key to successful operations

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02 Sep 2013

The IMO Standard Marine Communication Phrases - a communicative Survival Kit

Investigations into the human factor regarding disasters at sea, which focused on communication behaviour, revealed that one third of accidents happen primarily due to insufficient command of Maritime English.

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12 Sep 2013

Whose culture? The impact of language and culture on safety and compliance at sea

Successful teamwork depends on good communication: misunderstandings are often attributed to difficulties communicating in a common language. However, culture is also a contributing factor and has a significant impact on compliance, safety and performance.

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16 Sep 2013

Editorial (14)

The ability to properly convey information by word of mouth and/or by written communication is important not only to the safety of ships’ crews, visitors and passengers, but also to the wellbeing of crews.

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01 May 2007

Alert 14 - Communication

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01 May 2007

The alphabet of effective communication

Communication tools overview

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01 May 2007

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