Issue 33 - Education & Training

02 Sep 2013 Issue 33 HE Alert Bulletin

An accident that should never have happened

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02 Sep 2013

Operational integrity - recognising and developing people

"we have adopted the value of operational integrity as our guiding principle. This means reliability, responsibility and trust- worthiness. It is an ethos that is expected of all members of the team at all levels."

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18 Sep 2013

The role of human behaviour in safety at sea

The authors of the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency (MCA) book The Human Element: a guide to human behaviour in the shipping industry - have teamed up with a maritime training film maker to produce a film about the role of human behaviour in safety at sea.

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21 Sep 2013

Editorial (33)

"The chief mate, as well as others who overheard the radio communication, did not understand that the situation was critical."

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02 Sep 2013

An A to Z of maritime education and training

Your handy guide to MET

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02 Sep 2013

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