Issue 36 - Operability, accessibility & manoeuvrability

06 Aug 2014 Issue 36 HE Alert Bulletin

A guide to useful design principles of operability which can make the operation of ships safer and easier, reducing the risks of accident.

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16 Aug 2013


This study investigates the involvement of the user in the design process on ship bridges and navigational equipment as seen from the designers' perspective. Keywords: user centred design; human centred design; bridge; navigational euipment

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01 Aug 2014

HE01270 - Issue No. 36 centrespread, Ergonomic criteria for control room equipment and layout - A checklist

Issue No. 36 centrespread, Ergonomic criteria for control room equipment and layout - A checklist

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03 Aug 2014

HE01275 - Issue 36: Assocaited Centrespread features

Assocaited Centrespread features

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04 Aug 2014

HE01265 - The Human Factor

David Smith reports for Shipping World & Shipbuilder, June 2014, on the latest research into seafarer fatigue, as it relates to ships’ engineers, and the importance of safety culture in marine casualties. Keywords: seafarer fatigue; engineers; safety culture; casualties; casualty

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19 Aug 2014

HE01255 - Human Factors criteria for hand held devices

With emphasis on devices for maintenance and diagnosis Sept 2004. Based on report of June 1997 PCL/WP002 This report is based on a report produced for what is now MLS5 in the MoD. It has been found that the topic and material is still relevant, and so it is considered useful to make it available.

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20 Aug 2014

Control room design - tell the designers what you want and the required functionality

During a recent visit to the P&O cruise ship MV AURORA, we were able to see and hear of some of the simple problems of equipment layout, accessibility and functionality that could have an effect on operability and manoeuvrability, both on the bridge and in the machinery control room.

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22 Aug 2014

Issue 36 Editorial

In this Issue, we focus on operability (controllability + workability), accessibility and manoeuvrability. The cover story paints the unfortunate tale of the day that it all went wrong for the master, when he briefly lost control of his ship due to weather and a number of design flaws.

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22 Aug 2014

"An Unfortunate Error"

Nils had been proud to be appointed senior master of such a smart and impressive ship. She was one of the largest high-speed catamarans ever built, designed to maximise both passenger comfort and freight capacity and fitted with ‘state of the art’ instrumentation.

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14 Aug 2014

Ergonomic criteria for control room equipment and layout

- A checklist

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