Guidelines for Collecting Maritime Evidence & Handbook

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Guidelines for Collecting Maritime Evidence aims to provide broad answers to two questions. Firstly, how should a Master react after an incident when several investigating bodies are knocking on the door, all with di¬ffering requirements and priorities. Secondly, how can the Master, crew and management ashore be ready to produce the evidence required, much of which demonstrates day-to-day operations and compliance with the ISM Code and applicable statutes.

Used in conjunction with The Mariner’s Guide to Collecting Evidence – Handbook, this book provides practical guidance on the range of individuals and organisations looking for evidence, what they need and how it will be used. A state safety investigator, Master, insurers, surveyor, lawyer and arbitrator each describe evidence collection from their own point of view.

The benefits and challenges of electronically obtained evidence are discussed, and the need to protect evidence from disclosure in case of future dispute or litigation.

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