Mentoring at Sea

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ISBN: 978 1 906915 48 3
Release year: 2012
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Anyone can be a mentor at sea and anyone can need mentoring – and it only takes 10 minutes to get started. This book explains how knowledge gained through experience, and then reflected upon, can be passed on in an informal but purposeful way. Every suggestion will take no more than 10 minutes to carry out but incorporating opportunities for mentoring into the daily onboard routine will widen and consolidate the on-the-job experience of those progressing through the ranks. It will also improve communications and enhance team-building and hopefully lead to a reduction in accidents and incidents.

This practical guide sets the 10 minute challenge for potential mentors and candidates to identify concerns and practical solutions. Examples progress from the simple thought of the Master spending a few minutes with each of his watchkeeping officers daily to second or third officers bringing the vessel to anchor, or picking up a pilot, under the Master’s supervision.

Support for the book was delivered by John Bazley, head of school of professional studies, Warsash Maritime Academy, which educates 800 UK cadets a year. “We use the book for our courses; it’s readable and by a seafarer which is very important. I commend it.” He described how Warsash enages cadets in mentoring from the beginning – with senior cadets telling new entrants about their experiences, for instance on sea voyages. “Cadets then go onboard with the right attitude to get mentored,” he explained. “Being mentored is an integral part of the learning process. We use Mentoring at Sea for our courses; it’s readable and written by a seafarer which is very important. I commend it. Being mentored is an integral part of the learning process.” - John Bazley at the IMEC third training and mentoring conference 2015

The introduction and opening chapter of this publication are available to read for free in the below pdf.

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