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02 Jan 2016

Addressing the Human Element

Human element considerations will raise human element issues which if not addressed can become system hazards.

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24 Aug 2015

The human element and human-system aspects of risks

.... in the context of total HSSEQ onboard ship. HSSEQ - Risks & Hazards: On ship/Ship - Crew - Off ship/voyage - Environment on/off ship The Process: Communicate & consult - Monitor & review

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21 Apr 2015

Exploring Occupational Health and Safety

The effect of work, the working environment and living conditions on the health, safety and wellbeing of the person. Codes, Guidelines & Advice Health & Wellbeing Safety Accidents

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18 Dec 2014

Survivability - Resolutions and Circulars and Industry Guides

Firefighting and Damage Control; etc. Livesaving; Personal Survival/Medical; Communications /Search and Rescue; Crisis Management; Security; Training and Drills, & Lessons Learned

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14 Aug 2014

Ergonomic criteria for control room equipment and layout

- A checklist

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22 Apr 2014

Ergonomics and Maintainability

Ergonomics and the work environment Human-centered design best practice Habitability Fatigue mitigation

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10 Dec 2013

Habitability - Rough Guide to MLC2006 Regs. 3.1

Habitability - A Rough Guide to MLC2006 Regs. 3.1 - Accommodation & Recreational Facilities

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02 Sep 2013

An A to Z of maritime education and training

Your handy guide to MET

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01 May 2013

The complete guide to ship manning

Includes guidance on fatigue management

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