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29 May 2024

Press Release: The Operator-Centred Enhancement of Awareness in Navigation Project (OCEAN Project)

Enhancing Maritime Education and Training: The OCEAN Project in collaboration with The Nautical Institute launches innovative free training videos.

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20 May 2024

Introducing our YMAs

The Nautical Institute is pleased to appoint 70 new Younger Member Ambassadors

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13 May 2024

NI attends Green Awards

Our Director of Projects David Patraiko FNI was in Rotterdam last week to Chair the Green Award Board of Experts. The Green Award is the International quality mark for ships that demonstrate high safety and environmental standards, both for Seagoing and Inland.

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26 Apr 2024

Press Release: Perfect timing for the release of a new edition of The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner

As training hits the headlines once again with the STCW review and the recent introduction by the UK Maritime and Coastguard Agency of a post-training survey of all seafarers taking oral exams, the release of a new edition of The Nautical Institute’s The Shipmaster’s Business Self-Examiner 2024 will be welcome news for all senior deck officers studying for the Master’s Orals examinations as well as newly qualified Maters and those who have decision-making responsibilities at sea and onshore.

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19 Apr 2024

NI attends IMPA Hamburg 2024

Our Head of Information and Publications Steven Gosling AFNI attended the IMPA Hamburg 2024 conference to hear all about sustainability and efficiency in the supply chain.

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28 Feb 2024

Seaways - March 2024

We are a community that is better, stronger and more effective when we work together and when everyone bears their share of the work to be done.

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28 Feb 2024

Free Article: Sharing user experience for better design

Bad design is making equipment inefficient, unsafe – and, ultimately, expensive. Could HCD be a way to improve the process, asks Captain Aly Elsayed AFNI

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14 Feb 2024

Free Article : Separation anxiety

The charted track can be a powerful tool, but it is possible to become too attached to it. How do you make sure navigators have all the information they need for a complicated port approach – and that it can be easily monitored and challenged if necessary –without overloading them with detail?

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09 Feb 2024

The Navigator - February 2024

The latest issue of The Navigator highlights the important role of the Dynamic Positioning Operator – what DP is and why it matters.

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07 Feb 2024

The NI is at the IMO Headquarters

The Nautical Institute is at International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters in London this week for the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW)...

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