All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 22

01 Feb 2019 The Navigator

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The Nautical Institute's book, Navigation Accidents and their Causes, looks at major casualties to illustrate the lessons that can be learned from them. It sets out practical ways for those on the bridge to consider risks, plan for them and then take action to avoid them. Each chapter can be read individually, forming a valuable onboard resource. The overall message is that everyone can learn from the mistakes of others and everyone has a part to play in ensuring that training and experience are used effectively to keep vessels safe. Order your copy at:

I look for this magazine every time I join the ship. I always find a few old copies onboard, but they are still worth reading. The paper may be old, but the content is not!
Gerald Choy Columna

I’m cadet Wenhao Xia from China, do you remember me? I’m very happy to tell you that I have joined my last cadet vessel: VLCC Landbridge Glory.

I enjoy my seafarer life very much and I want to thank our Navigator again. I learned so much from The Navigator. Since I’ve seen so many great pictures in The Navigator, I have become a sea shutterbug too. So I take plenty of pictures at sea of vessels, oceans, skies and so on. Recently, I waited for the best chance to take a photo of the Little Dipper, because the North Star is such a wellknown navigation star.
Wenhao Xia

I saw your publication today, The Navigator: really informative! My college is Nyk-Tdg Maritime Academy. I’m not yet a member of The Nautical Institute, hopefully someday when I establish my roots as a seafarer.
Lance Rada

Cadets are more than welcome to join The Nautical Institute – it’s a great place to find a mentor, hone your skills and start developing your career. It’s never too early to start your professional development! We even have a special membership rate for cadets and students. Find out more at
The Navigator team

I am a second-year engine cadet at NYK-TDG Maritime Academy in Calamba, Philippines. I find The Navigator interesting even though I am from the engine department. I am really looking forward to seeing the next edition.
John Zedrick Gaanan

We’re really glad you enjoy reading The Navigator! You might be interested in a new publication from our team, too. The Ship’s Officer is a free publication aimed at deck officers and engineers, looking at all the many topics they have in common. Visit to find out more and download your copy.
The Navigator team

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