All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 26

01 Feb 2021 The Navigator

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In November 2020, The Nautical Institute launched a series of videos on our YouTube channel, talking to people who are at sea about mentoring and why it matters (you can read an interview with one of the participants on page 8). We were delighted by the many insightful comments and ideas that those involved offered. See the videos for yourself and learn more about mentoring on our YouTube channel.

After the launch, we invited people to share their own experiences with us online across our various social media platforms. Here’s some of the discussion. Enjoy!
Emma Ward, Editor

Do not be afraid to ask. Even if you are promoted to a higher rank, or become an officer in the future, still do not be afraid to ask. For sure, there will be things that you don’t know. Do not be shy. You’ll not be judged for asking. Asking crews, even those whose ranks are lower than yours, is not wrong. Experienced crews are always open to sharing their knowledge. And by asking, it doesn’t mean that you are dumb, instead, you are promoting safety… Mentoring and lifting each other is key to promoting safety on board!
Emerson Reyes, Chief Officer

Sailing is always a teamwork matter. Whatever one sails in, you always depend on others’ attitudes and expertise. To share knowledge, as well as to be humble enough to ask, enhances commitment and makes us better human beings and professionals. When I first stepped on a ship’s deck as a cadet, STCW, ISM MARPOL, MLC, etc. did not exist, but the whole crew of 35 was willing to guide me and answer all my doubts, something I still remember and I am grateful for. I recently met a young Master who told me that in his vessel, conducting of safety sessions is rotated among the whole crew, including apprentice members, to empower every crew member. A genuine exercise of teamwork.
Professor Alberto Zambrana

Thank you for your thoughts! So ‘on point’. I remember being a cadet and feeling very isolated and lonely. The word of a shipmate can make such a difference.
Jillian Carson-Jackson, President, The Nautical Institute

Mentoring is more than just teaching, it is sharing and caring. It is paying forward to the next generation of seafarers. When I was a cadet, my officer would always tell me that a seafarer is the cumulative outcome of all the officers and mentors he or she has had. Since everything is connected to everything else, a small impact to one can cause ripples of positive change to others. After all, teaching is fulfilling and it is the best way to learn, to review and to master. We owe it to the next generation of seafarers to maintain and uplift the standard of seafaring and safety.
André Chad Acosta

Each seafarer has previous working experiences/backgrounds/working methods to contribute, whatever their rank. Cooperation is one of the most precious resources on board, and being able to aggregate and listen will always be an essential tool for better crew performance.
Isabelle Soares, Second Officer


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