All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 17

01 Feb 2018 The Navigator

I am a long-term fan of The Navigator, since I was a deck cadet. Whenever I receive copies of your magazine, I discuss them with my fellow officers and colleagues onboard. Your issue about piloting (issue 16) was special because when I talked about it with my deck officers, everybody said that the magazine improved their knowledge and gave them more confidence to perform their tasks during pilotage. We all enjoyed reading about individual personal experiences from Pilots.
Dante Addug, PMMA 2007, Vroon-Fil Ship Management

l am second mate with an ocean-going bulk carrier, and enjoy reading what The Navigator publishes to promote knowledge about safety at sea. For some reason, however, I don’t always get the paper version and Internet restrictions mean that we cannot reach your website. Please could you send me a digital version of The Navigator?
Yin Benkuan, Second Mate

I would like to congratulate you on this excellent edition of The Navigator, especially the article An Insider’s Guide to Piloting by Ed Verbeek. Nothing could be more useful for ship’s Masters and officers than this insight into the way a Pilot thinks. It should be compulsory reading for all navigating officers.
John Simpson, AFNI

I am a 22-year-old deck cadet in my last year of maritime navigation studies at the Lithuanian Maritime Academy. I am writing from Crude Oil M/T Cape Bellavista, where I am gaining experience working with officers and collecting sea-going practice months for my diploma. This is my second contract after practice on a ro-ro vessel in the Black Sea. I hope to continue in a tanker fleet because an officer’s job here is both interesting and challenging. I can’t wait to become a third officer and have more responsibilities on my shoulders.
Povilas Lubninas, M/T Cape Bellavista

For beginners like me, The Navigator is very helpful to understand more about the maritime world. I believe that work at sea has good prospects. You can meet and work with all kinds of people around the world. Very nice. I am trying to study hard in order to improve my career.
Yayan, Junior Officer, M/T Verity

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