This forum will address the safety concerns regarding lifeboats which currently exist and the proposed solutions. It will provide links to reports and resources concerning lifeboats and other evacuation systems.
Reports and resources will be updated as and when they become available.

Design Review and Performance Test

Concerns on lifeboat release and retrieval systems have been addressed at IMO and each type of existing system (of which there are about 80) will undergo a design review to check that it complies with the amended LSA Code. If the system is found to be noncompliant with the code, it must be either modified to comply with the Code or replaced. After a successful completion of the design review, a performance test will be conducted in accordance with the guidelines. Should any part of the lifeboat release and retrieval system fail at any stage, the design will be deemed to be noncompliant and reported as such. All evaluations should be completed and the result of these evaluations submitted to IMO by 1 July 2013.

After this, each system on board every vessel of a type found to be compliant will be subject to a one-time overhaul examination. This examination will also verify that the ship’s system is of the same type that passed the evaluation and is suitable for the ship. If the examination is successful, the system is ‘fit for purpose’. If found non-compliant then it must be replaced or modified not later than the next dry-docking after 1st July 2014 and in any case not later than 1st July 2019.

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