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The Nautical Institute Academy Resource Centre is currently under development. Please check back soon for updates.

The Nautical Institute Academy Resource Centre has been designed to help you as you navigate your way through your professional development.

Click on the course title below to see a full list of resources, recommeneded books and go to websites that will aid and help you while you study. Some of these publications are included free of charge, others will need to be purchased. 

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The Nautical Institute Academy Procedures, Handbooks and Forms

Please use the below tabs to access the information/forms you require. If you cannot find the form you are looking for, please contact us on [email protected] 

Student handbook

When joining The Nautical Institute Academy you will receive your joining information, this includes a copy of the student handbook. A generalised copy of the handbook is available to download using the link below:

Please click here to download The Nautical Institute Academy Student Handbook 2022.




Please use the link to download the PDF copy of the "Handling of Student Complaints" procedure document. The document explains the procedures and routes taken by The Nautical Institute Academy when a complaint is received. 

Handing Complaints NI Academy 2022.pdf

If you require any further information, please do not hestitate to contact us. 


Each department of The Nautical Institute Academy has a dedicated appeals process. For more information on this, please contact us using the email addresses below or refer to your student handbook. 

Courses: [email protected]

The Harbour Master Scheme: [email protected]

The Command Diploma Scheme: [email protected]

International Sail Endorsement Scheme: [email protected]



Please find the complaints and appeals forms below. Clock on the form to download, each form is fillable. One complete please send the form to us at [email protected]

Course Complaint form 22.pdf

Staff Lecturer Complaint form.pdf


Continuous Professional Development Points

All our Academy courses and schemes have been assessed for Continuous Professional Development (CPD). The below table details the course and its awarding CPD points. If you need anything further assistance or help, please get in touch with on [email protected]

Course CPD Point Award
Behavioural Competency Assessor 25
Onboard Competency Assessment 25
Blockchain for Maritime Professionals – The Fundamentals 07
Casualty Management 09
Criminalisation of the Mariner 10
 Designated Person(s) Ashore TBC 
Introduction to Shipping 07
Introduction to Vetting 07
ISM Lead Auditor 29
ISM Lead Auditor Fishing  29
Marine Incident Investigation 17
Marine Insurance  10
Marine Salvage 10
Mastering Vetting TBC 
Navigation Assessors Part A 21
Navigation Assessors Part B  50