The Nautical Institute Academy's courses include a wide range of current and important maritime-related topics and are designed to ensure that organisations and individuals receive essential in-depth knowledge to be able to operate competently and effectively.

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Behavioural Competency Assessor image

Behavioural Competency Assessor

Blockchain for Maritime Professionals - The Fundamentals image

Blockchain for Maritime Professionals - The Fundamentals

Criminalisation of the Mariner image

Criminalisation of the Mariner

Designated Person(s) Ashore (DPA) image

Designated Person(s) Ashore (DPA)

Introduction to Marine Insurance image

Introduction to Marine Insurance

Introduction to Marine Salvage image

Introduction to Marine Salvage

Introduction to Shipping image

Introduction to Shipping

ISM Lead Auditor image

ISM Lead Auditor

ISM Lead Auditor - Fishing  image

ISM Lead Auditor - Fishing

Mastering Vetting image

Mastering Vetting

Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers  image

Maritime Cyber Awareness for Seafarers

Marine Incident Investigation image

Marine Incident Investigation

Navigation Assessor image

Navigation Assessor

Onboard Assessment image

Onboard Assessment

The Academy Team  image

The Academy Team


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