The Nautical Institute's 50th Anniversary Conference, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

22 Oct 2022 09:00AM - 10:00PM Jubilee Hall, Rua Real Grandeza, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Conference Brazil

The Nautical Institute - Celebrating 50 years

Date: 22 October 2022

Location: Jubilee Hall, Rua Real Grandeza, Botafogo CEP 22.281-033 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

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The Future of Offshore Brazil

Full day conference with evening cocktails, dinner and live entertainment

The Brazil Branch is one of the fastest growing branches of The Nautical Institute and represents the largest single cluster of members in South America. Catering to a broad range of maritime professionals, it is made up of cadets and seagoing Masters, pilots, Chief Engineers, DPAs, consultants and surveyors – and of course watchkeeping officers on DP equipped vessels.

72% of the branch membership in 2022 holds an NI awarded DP Operator certificate – almost one in 10 of the whole community of certificate-holders numbering around 38,000. Interest in the new DP Vessel Maintainer (DPVM) scheme has so far been higher in Brazil than anywhere else, and original content and feedback from Brazilian members is typically related to safe offshore operations and standards.

The natural conversation is therefore on the future of this critically important sector of the Brazilian maritime economy; What skills will future offshore operators need? What will future support vessels and MODUs look like – and how will they be powered? How will autonomous station-keeping and virtual reality play a role? And can training providers meet the challenges of the next 50 years?

Brazil is at the forefront of these developments and hopes to continue to make its mark on the industry through the irreplaceable expertise of its membership. This year is a perfect opportunity to reflect on what the next 50 years holds for Brazil, and how it can continue leading the way.


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