The Nautical Institute AGM 2021

28 Jul 2021 10:00AM - 03:30PM Online

The Nautical Institute AGM Event – 28 July 2021

According to tradition, the NI builds a day of events around its AGM. This year is no different, except that it will be a virtual event.
The day itself will be split into four separate elements, all of which can be attended, and should be registered for, individually (please note, all times are UTC):

  • 10:00-11:00     Seafarer Welfare Webinar
  • 12:00-13:00     Annual General Meeting
  • 13:00-14:00     Zoom Social
  • 14:30-15:30     Autonomous Ships Webinar        

Although the AGM and Zoom Social are only open to members of The NI, we welcome everyone to the webinar elements of the day.

Seafarer Welfare Webinar (10:00-11:00 UTC)
How support is evolving

The mental health and welfare of seafarers is a matter of growing concern.  For 50 years, The Nautical Institute has promoted safety, and the proper welfare for seafarers is a key component of the NI safety toolbox. 

The role of welfare teams in ports, whether through a port welfare committee or the global network of seafarer missions, has changed due to Covid 19. But change is not new to these dedicated individuals; many of them volunteer their time to serve others.

Chaplin David Reid, FNI will lead a discussion to explore what changes have been successful and what the challenges for the future may be. Panellists will include representatives from the Seamen's Church Institute, NAMMA, The Mission to Seafarers and Stella Maris.

Click the link to register for the Seafarer Welfare Webinar.

Annual General Meeting (12:00-13:00 UTC) – NI members only

Introduced by our President, Jillian Carson-Jackson FNI, the AGM provides the opportunity for members to have their say about the NI and its Council. It will include the adoption of resolutions and the election of the Council.

Click the link to register for the Annual General Meeting - acceptance may take up to two working days.

Zoom Social (13:00-14:00 UTC) – NI members only

Sadly, not an in-person event but still an opportunity to network. Pour yourself a drink, grab a canapé and then relax for a time with colleagues from all over the world. The zoom meeting will be split into separate rooms so that you can find like-minded people to discuss maritime issues or simply catch up with friends.

Click the link to register for the Zoom Social - acceptance may take up to two working days. 

Autonomous Ships Webinar (14:30-15:30 UTC)
Today’s reality
The development of Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS) has continued at pace over the past few years with more MASS entering operation all the time. They come in a variety of sizes and have a diverse set of operational capabilities which all place their own unique demands on those who own and operate them as well as on the wider maritime community. MASS are one aspect of the development of robotics and artificial intelligence (RAI) systems across the various transport sectors.  Case studies will demonstrate to delegates how autonomous shipping is developing.
This webinar will be presented by James Fanshawe, CBE, AFNI, Chair of the UK MAS Regulatory Working Group, responsible for the Maritime Autonomous Ship Systems (MASS) UK Industry Conduct Principles and Code of Practice, and Ann Till, AFNI, Chief Vessel Operator at Ocean Infinity, a world-leading marine robotics company. 

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The NI looks forward to welcoming you to our 2021 AGM Event.