Sri Lanka Branch - P&I Demystified

06 Mar 2021 06:00AM - 07:30AM Online Branch Sri Lanka

Mention P&I, and the most experienced of Masters suddenly feel uncomfortable and out of their depth. Understandable given that legal or quasi legal situations are not their daily routine functions. Navigation, seamanship and cargo work they understand, but matters legal are left alone until situations arise.

Appreciating this, the Nautical Institute, Sri Lanka Branch, assisted by the Shipowners’ Club Singapore Branch will organise a webinar “P&I DE-MYSTIFIED”, giving practical do’s and don’ts to help Masters, on 6th March 2021.

Synopsis - What is P&I, what liabilities fall within cover and how does it operate, and finally what happens in the event of a P&I incident.


Learn about;

  • The History of P&I /IG Clubs and other types of insurance
  • The scope of standard P&I cover 
    • Crew/MLC, FFO/collision, cargo
    • CoVid-19 and P&I
    • Types of claims - what is and is not P&I, and what we need to know when an incident occurs.
    • Pollution liabilities, with a brief look at Fund and Bunker Conventions
  • The claims process
    • The appointment of local correspondents, surveyors and other experts, notifications to be provided following incident, who is likely to be appointed to attend on board/on site, how they can assist the vessel/Master and vice versa
    • Gathering evidence to determine causation and liability - the kind of evidence required. Preservation of evidence immediately following an incident
    • Considerations in dealing with a claim – How a claim is resolved. Limits of liability as per vessel/flag.
  • New trends / Common P&I risks to watch out for by vessel type based on current claim trends


For whom – Masters and ships’ officers, Port Officials, Terminal Operators and other Stakeholders in commercial shipping.


The Presenters:


Capt. Hari Subramaniam                                               Surani de Mel

Regional Head – Business relations,                              Claims Manager

Shipowners Club,                                                            Shipowners Club,

Singapore Branch                                                           Singapore Branch            




Mr. Walter Rodrigo – Director GAC Shipping and GAC Marine, Sri Lanka.

Capt. Errol Dharmaratne – Managing Partner, Intermarc Services.

Legal Expert TBC



Capt. Peshala Medagama – Vice President, CINEC Maritime Campus.


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