Merchant Navy 100 Gala Dinner

19 Sep 2019 07:00PM - 11:30PM Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London External


“The re-creation of our Merchant Navy and the development of

our ports must be pursued with the utmost urgency…”

Part of King George V’s response to the Loyal Address made by

                                              The City of London 29th July 1919.


This and parts of the speech King George V made to 220 merchant seafarers at Glasgow Central Railway Station, initiated our future planning in 2017.  King George V’s initiatives acknowledged the need for an elevated status for the then Mercantile Marine’s supporting role as an integral element of the defence forces of the Crown.  The King notably valued the sacrifice and courage of merchant seafarers from both Britain and overseas. It could be argued that the King’s promotion of the term ‘Merchant Navy’ also lead to this becoming the accepted terminology both here and in other maritime nations.

The MNA are hosting the mn100 Gala Dinner to promote this particular event and to further the recognition of the contribution made by the shipping industry, both ashore and afloat, and the services provided that make the carriage of goods by sea safe, secure and continuous. 

The mn100 Gala Dinner seeks to bring together many elements of the maritime sector, ports, professionals and businesses and other organisations alongside training establishments and our veteran community.  It will be an amazing evening.

Admiral The Rt. Hon Lord West of Spithead GCB DSC PC has agreed to be the President of the mn100 Gala Dinner and Capt Ian McNaught, FNI, Deputy Master of Trinity House is the Vice President.  Bruno Peek LVO OBE OPR, Pageantmaster, has agreed to be the prime organiser.  If you have not already done so, please contact Magda to register your interest Dress code: Black tie, mess undress, miniature medals, stars and neck decorations. The ‘Welcome Aboard’ reception opens events at 7.00pm with carriages at 11.30pm.

We are honoured and delighted to be supported by the Corporation of Trinity House, Seafarers UK and the Merchant Navy Welfare Board.  Seafarers UK and the MNWB manage the “Merchant Navy Fund” and along with us are looking towards raising substantial funds to support the needs of all merchant seafarers and fishers both ashore and afloat.  

We are hopeful you will give your support for this unique opportunity and attend what will be an evening of colour, pageantry, music and magic.


Capt J M R Sail MNM MNI MIoS

MNA National Chairman