Maritime Digitalisation during Nor-Shipping

05 Jun 2019 12:00AM - 12:00AM Thon Hotel Arena, Nesgata 1, 2004 Lillestrøm, Norway, Conference room: Jan Mayen 2 Conference

Shipping companies need to make choices into where they apply their resources on digital projects. We have all heard the promises of what can be achieved from better monitoring, communications, sensing and onboard internet - but companies need to decide which projects give them a ROI. We'll discuss ways to find a better pathway at the Digital Ship Maritime Digitalisation Forum in Nor-Shipping.

Satellite communications: is it time to reconsider your satellite communications technology - and should you stay with tried-and-tested or explore new options such as with low orbiting satellites?

Vessel monitoring: what data from vessels is actually helping in management decision making, such as better planning maintenance, monitoring crew performance, monitoring vessel performance? Should we be looking harder at ways to model data so we can better understand it?

Cyber security: is the threat increasing or declining, and are we tackling the right threats? Should we be doing better threat modelling? Or just making our defences stronger?

Crew health and performance monitoring: every shipping company worries about whether their vessels are in good hands - but monitoring crew in a way which does not de-motivate them is very hard to do.

The Digital Ship Maritime Digitalisation Forum promises to be a great way to update yourself on the latest digital technology, what it can do and what people are doing with it. Limited places, register yours now.

We are proud to be working with maritime thought leaders who will advise us on the agenda content and how to make it practical for anyone in charge of maritime digital strategy.


No admission charge for ship owners, operators, managers and builders.

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