US Branches Biennial Conference 2024: Adapting to Emerging Technologies

17 Oct 2024 08:00AM - 18 Oct 2024 04:15PM Texas A&M University (TX Maritime Academy), Galveston, TX, USA Conference U.S. Gulf (Houston)

The purpose of this conference will be to provide an objective, safe and free exchange of diverse perspectives on the future of the US Flag Merchant Marine.

Attendees will:

  • Learn how US legislative history has affected and resulted in today’s US Merchant Marine
  • Hear from adherents and detractors of The Jones Act: Why and how does this debate matter?
  • Adopt new strategic reconnaissance by forging new alliances and understandings
  • Engage with (afloat and ashore) maritime professionals at various career stages.

Who will be interested:

  • Maritime Industry leaders from all sectors
  • Armed forces representatives
  • Governmental authorities and regulators
  • Mariner representatives and associations
  • Maritime academicians and educators
  • Shipbuilding, repairs, and service sectors
  • Maritime money sectors
  • Maritime professionals
  • Elected representatives
  • Maritime entrepreneurs

Conference programme and registration to come soon.