Human Element Industry Group

The Human Element Industry Group (HEIG) is established to focus on the importance of the Human Element and enhance existing coordination and cooperation in engagement with the issues at the IMO.  A greater understanding of the human element will ensure that it is adequately and appropriately considered and addressed in all aspects of future work of the IMO.

This group is an industry group initially comprising Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) accredited to IMO which have interests in the Human Element. Further expansion of the group will be encouraged as activities commence.  Membership may be extended to Flag states in order to further the work of the group.

Terms of Reference
To promote consideration of the Human Element within the IMO, and in particular: -

  1. Promote consideration of the wider scope of the Human Element as reflected in IMO Resolution A974 (23) ‘Human Element Vision, Principles and Goals for the Organization’.
  2. Encourage appropriate use of the standing agenda item on the “Human Element” at HTW.
  3. Promote understanding of the Human Element through training and education.
  4. Promote understanding of fatigue and the factors that influence fatigue.
  5. Consider the Human Element in the context of increasing levels of automation of ship systems, equipment and operations

HEIG Presentation at IMO Human Element Training and Watchkeeping Sub Committee (HTW6)
HEIG presented at HTW6.   The slides from the presentation are below as are two papers supporting the presentation.

HEIG IMO Presentation.pdf


What's Behind Human Error.pdf


What's Behind Human Error - Organisational Factors.pdf