Take 10: Issue 15

01 Jun 2017 The Navigator

This issue of The Navigator has explored what it means to mentor and be mentored in return.

1 Practice makes perfect

Navigating a ship is complex and takes years of experience to master; mentoring on the job is one of the best ways to achieve success.

2 Mentoring for all

Anyone can be mentored or be a mentee regardless of age or experience; everyone has some knowledge to share. Quite often juniors have more skills with technology than seniors.

3 Back-up support

Good mentors allow enough space for the mentee to make their own decisions but are there to guide and, more importantly, assist if the action does not go according to plan.

4 10 minute challenge

Mentoring can be a lifetime endeavour, but it can also take as little as ten minutes. Take ten minutes (a month, a voyage, a week, a day…) to help someone’s understanding.

5 Reap the rewards

True mentoring is done without specific rewards or pay, however it can be rewarding in other ways, from having the appreciation of someone who you’ve helped to being able to sleep better at night in the knowledge that the crew are competent, confident and happier to ask for assistance when needed.

6 We’re all in it together

Ships can be lonely places, particularly if you don’t speak a common language. Mentoring helps build relationships on board and reduces social exclusion.

7 Lend us your ears

Mariners can learn a lot by listening to others, particularly if they are addressing a challenge. By using a common language on board all those who hear a conversation can learn from listening in.

8 Respect and understanding

If a ship adopts a policy of using a common language on board in all common spaces (bridge, engine room, mess etc.), and this is adhered to, it shows a huge amount of respect to all those who live and work on board.

9 Pass it on

When someone takes the time to share some knowledge with you, be thankful and repay the favour by helping and/or mentoring someone else.

10 Got a story to tell?

Do you have a favourite mentoring technique? Have you benefited from someone mentoring you? Please tell us about it at [email protected] so we can share your story with the industry. The more examples we have, the better we can promote this essential learning tool.

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