Steve Jones AFNI - London International Shipping Week

12 Sep 2023 Institute News

"I've been very proud to work with the Nautical Institute for getting on for 20 years on the subject of maritime security.

This latest book has really been about bringing so many of those facets that we've covered together, to try and make it more accessible, but also to be that bridge between the shore and those at sea who may need support and guidance. This book is a way for seafarers to show the challenges they may be facing in carrying out the tasks demanded of them by those on land."

"We've been able to bring all these aspects we've focused on previously within maritime security such as coping with piracy, stowaways at sea and migrants, but also brought in issues such as cyber security, and criminality at sea, in ports and across the entire supply chain. This has made a real focal point, a book that can be relied upon to illuminate some of those darker issues within the industry."

That was the message from Steve Jones AFNI at the pre-launch of Maritime Security – A Practical Guide for Mariners at London International Shipping Week this evening.

Our thanks to Propeller Club Liverpool and Ravyn for hosting the event with us and building an excellent networking opportunity at London International Shipping Week.