Press Release: The Nautical Institute presents Navigating the Future

24 Oct 2019 Press Release

The NI presents Navigating the Future – a collaboration with ITN Productions Industry News, launching in July 2020

The Nautical Institute and ITN Productions Industry News are producing a news and current affairs-style programme, Navigating the Future launching in July 2020.

The Nautical Institute, the global body for maritime professionals, and ITN Productions Industry News will be co-producers of the programme, aimed at raising awareness and understanding of the vital role of the global maritime sector.

Shipping is essential to global economies as the vast majority of the world’s trade is carried by sea. Navigating the Future will explore the complex challenges and opportunities that the maritime industry faces today. These include retaining high safety standards at sea, navigating the IMO international policy and finding solutions to address environmental issues including cleaner fuel technology and electrical propulsion.

The programme will hear from those at the forefront of safety, training, technology and innovation and will showcase the exciting and integral work taking place within the sector. It will also highlight the myriad of careers available. It will demonstrate how the NI inspires professionalism with its commitment to ongoing training to improve the professional status of members and promote internationally recognised qualifications. 

Anchored by national newsreader Natasha Kaplinsky OBE, Navigating the Future will combine key industry interviews, news items and sponsored editorial profiles. It will be launched at The Nautical Institute’s Annual General Meeting 1-3 July 2020 in Plymouth, UK with a special showcase. It will be shown around the world at leading events including Singapore Maritime Week. The programme will form part of an extensive communications campaign featuring NI members and professional partners.

Captain John Lloyd RD MBA FNI, Chief Executive of the NI, said: At The Nautical Institute we are delighted to have the opportunity of working with ITN to put the spotlight on an industry that is largely invisible to the public, yet which is key to our national prosperity. The shipping sector carries 95% of world trade yet few people outside of the industry realise its contribution to the international economy.

“As a modern industry the maritime sector is embracing the opportunities provided by new technologies and the positive impact these can have on operational effectiveness. As a professional body for those in control of ships we are keen to ensure regulations develop to support this progress and to ensure our members are fully prepared for the next generation of shipping. Training and education opportunities must continue to evolve to ensure seafarers are able to keep themselves and the environment safe.

“This is an exciting time for the shipping industry which provides outstanding opportunities for young people, as a key component of the global supply chain of goods and services. The industry strives for greater value, reductions in emissions and will continue to grow in importance as the world population and demand for goods expands.”

Vicki Clubley, Head of Industry News, ITN Productions said: “We are really excited by the opportunity to work with The Nautical Institute to create a programme that we hope will educate and inform viewers about the complex challenges faced by the maritime industry today and the enormous contribution the sector makes to the global economy. We also hope the film will inspire the next generation to pursue an exciting career at sea.”

For more information, or to participate in the programme, please contact James Linden, Head Programming Director, Industry News at ITN Productions, on 0207 430 4228 or at


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