Press Release: NI reveals its new film - Navigating the Future

25 Nov 2020 Press Release


The Covid-19 pandemic has thrown into sharp focus the world’s dependence on shipping. More than 90% of global trade is carried by sea, yet few outside the industry appreciate its scale, dynamism and technological progress, or the opportunities it offers for an exciting and rewarding career. 

The Nautical Institute has joined forces with ITN Productions to produce a film that aims to raise awareness and understanding of the vital role played by the maritime sector. The film, Navigating the Future, was launched today at the CrewConnect Global virtual conference by The Nautical Institute’s CEO, Captain John Lloyd. 

In the first of the programme’s three segments, Captain Lloyd outlines how technology is transforming the industry – particularly by making shipping greener. Oceangoing ships are already among the least polluting forms of transport per tonne-km, but new fuels and innovative propulsion systems will dramatically reduce greenhouse gas emissions over the next few years. As the industry undergoes rapid change, The Nautical Institute is there to provide support through its journals and publications, a global network of maritime experts, and its CPD programme, Lloyd explains.

The Institute’s commitment to professionalism and improving safety standards is shared by the ice pilotage and navigation specialists at Martech Polar. In the film’s second segment, CEO Duke Snider - a former NI President and author of Polar Ship Operations – reveals that navigating safely through the beautiful but dangerous polar waters is both challenging and hugely rewarding. Global warming has increased the risks, as ice is now being encountered in waters that used to be ice-free.

Just like Martech Polar, business analyst S&P Global Platts uses a combination of science, technology and experience to help companies find a safe passage through the ever-changing currents of international trade. For example, market data and efficient ship management can help companies reduce outlay on bunkers and plan for future fuels, while Covid-related global container shortages also highlight the importance of using accurate information and innovative solutions. 

In announcing the Navigating the Future project last year, John Lloyd said:
At The Nautical Institute we are delighted to have the opportunity of working with ITN to put the spotlight on an industry that is largely invisible to the public. The maritime sector is embracing the opportunities provided by new technologies and the positive impact these can have on operational effectiveness. The industry strives for greater value and reductions in emissions and will continue to grow in importance as the world population and demand for goods expands.