Mentoring Stories - Captain John Lloyd

21 Jun 2021 Institute News

In the next in our series of Mentoring Stories, The Nautical Institute CEO, Captain John Lloyd shares his experiences with mentoring throughout his career...

There are many ways in which people learn and for many the best form is ‘on-the-job’.  Practicing what is to be done helps with retention and understanding.

For me, the most valuable mentoring tips and support were given to me while actually doing the job.  Piloting ships is one great example where a senior pilot can give an observation or an explanation about a manoeuvre.  The fact it is happening right there are then, gives great context and an opportunity to learn without even realising that you have learned something new!

Memorable ones for me were how to check your next course is clear without using the pelorous and how to get tugs to reposition ‘with weight’ to help in a shiphandling procedure.