Issue 31 - Human Resources

01 Jan 2013 Issue 31 Resource

Fitting the correct peg into the correct hole

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01 Jan 2013


Recruitment & retention, identifying required skills, crewing mixes, competencies

02 Jan 2013

Issue 31: Human Resources illustration

Illustration for Issue 31: Human Resources illustration

02 Sep 2013

Mentoring ... in the Maritime Industy

By many estimates, as much as 70% of professional knowledge comes from various forms of informal learning. There are very few forms of informal learning as effective and personal as mentoring.

21 Sep 2013

A case history

"He had not previously served on this vessel and he knew nothing about her operation."

21 Sep 2013


Through the last 3 series’ of Alert! bulletins, we have focussed on the various issues that can influence the interaction between a person any other person, system or machine aboard ship.