All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 32

30 Jan 2023 The Navigator

Risk management should be a continuous process – and there's always something more to learn to help you do it better. Here are a few suggestions – but let us know yours!

Learning all the time

Throughout this issue of The Navigator, you'll read how important it is to keep managing risk – it's not something you do once at the beginning of the voyage and then stop! In the same way, it's important to keep learning and looking for new ways to expand your knowledge, of risk management and more. There are some great resources that can help you do this:


The Nautical Institute's MARS Lessons Learned takes reports from investigative services – and readers – worldwide and condenses them into a quick read with some lessons learned, rather like our Watch Out! page. They're a great basis for safety meetings or further discussion. Find them at

P&I Clubs

P&I Clubs often have great risk management resources written specifically with seafarers in mind – it's in their interest to keep ships safe, after all! Some of them may be in paper on the bridge, but it's worth looking to see what's online, too.


If you learn better by listening, has a list of recommended podcasts that cover all kinds of topics – you're sure to find something interesting there.


While we focus mainly on navigating the ship (the clue's in the name!) one of the riskiest parts of the voyage can be getting in and out of the berth. The IHMA's 'Missing Link' videos have some great advice on mooring. Find them at

What's your safety go to? If there anything you've found particularly helpful, we'd love to hear about it!

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