All at Sea - The Navigator Issue 1

01 Oct 2012 The Navigator

The Navigator is your magazine, dedicated to covering the differing aspects of the navigator’s role. As such, we want to hear from you with your thoughts on our articles, advice for your fellow navigators and your own experiences at sea. For this first issue, we asked members of our LinkedIn community what they hope to see from The Navigator.

“It seems the pendulum has swung too far towards the ‘tools’ and ‘aids’ so that the modern day navigator is short on the practical and daily usage of ‘knowledge of principles’. By all means embrace what the miracle of technology has made available, but not to the point of blind, unthinking adherence to the read-outs, to the exclusion of common sense and double-check practices.”
Fergus Moran

“A very timely initiative from The Nautical Institute as numbers of incidents continue to occur, with one notable catastrophe receiving world-wide publicity, which brings the whole subject under scrutiny.”
Capt. Russ Garbutt FNI

“I like the idea. As a professional second mate for most of my career, I was close to the navigational side of things for a long time. There is much to discuss: not only new ideas and technologies, but the traditions and methods of terrestrial and astronomical way finding around the globe.”
Clive Raymond MNI

“A long overdue initiative. I am pleased that The Nautical Institute has once again taken the helm. A mariner is so much more than a display monitoring technician.”
Capt. Mark Grosshans MNI

“I would like to see the Art of Navigation from a sail boat view point and the skills that they put into practice on a daily basis, either doing their job or just out there enjoying themselves.”
John Percival

“My suggestion is to let the onboard guys, from all ranks and ratings to share views. I would like to listen to those who have something to say.”
Shahrokh Khodayari

“It may solve many problems with things like recruitment, and setting a high standard for seafarers, which really is borne of the urgent need to recognise the vital vocation it is, in serving the world economy.”
Arthur David

“I see many younger officers these days (as well as much more experienced officers and Masters) and there are varied approaches to navigation being employed at sea. We all should be contributing to assist those that follow us.”
Warwick Conlin


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