202412 : Paint storage slip-up

28 Feb 2024 MARS

A vessel was undergoing a Class inspection. During the inspection, the crew were surprised to find that the lower compartment of a crane pedestal contained many sealed paint cans. The Master was immediately notified and the paint was transferred to the paint locker. The company was also informed and the Designated Person Ashore (DPA) initiated an investigation.

The company investigation found that the paint stored in the crane pedestal was not listed in the vessel inventory, despite a recent update. The paint was transferred to the pedestal during the last dry dock because of a lack of space in the paint locker and ongoing work in the area. The crew who had attended the drydock work did not report this information to the relief crew. The paint in the pedestal was subsequently forgotten due to crew turnover and a deficient inventory listing.

Lesson learned

  • The paint locker on a vessel is the ONLY place to store paint and related products. This space is approved for this use and is protected by fixed fire extinguishing equipment.
  • Crew handovers are opportunities for information to be lost. Make sure the full state of affairs on your vessel is documented for handover.
  • Ship store inventories are important tools for quality vessel management. Keep them true.