Seaways - January 2022

05 Jan 2022 Institute News

January Seaways is now available for members to read online!

January Seaways is now available! This month Jillian Carson-Jackson FNI, FRIN President of The Nautical Institute takes a look forward to 2022 in our first Focus article of the year.


Passage Planning

2021 was certainly a year of challenges – the ongoing pandemic, the new variants and continued lockdowns. But it was also a year of hope. A year when we saw maritime reported in mainstream media, supporting fair treatment for seafarers as keyworkers and highlighting the many faces of diversity and inclusion.

The New Year is a time to take stock, to think back on the year that was and imagine the year to come. It is a time to reflect on the challenges we have overcome, and those that remain. In essence, it is a time to plan our passage for the year to come. And what a year it will be – 2022 is a year to celebrate The Nautical Institute as we reach the milestone of 50 years!

There are many opportunities to be involved in the celebrations – seminars and conferences; competitions and meetings; social and professional events provided through virtual, hybrid and, restrictions permitting, on location. The theme couldn’t be more appropriate: Maritime Leadership in a Changing World. I look forward to your thoughts on what it means to ‘live in interesting times’ and how the face of maritime leadership is evolving to address the challenges, and changes, in our world.

We continue to see significant changes in our industry and, indeed, in our society. Changes that touch each aspect of our professional and, yes, personal lives. Changes in policy, procedures and the regulatory framework around maritime; changes in technology and operations; changes in education and training; and more.

Some of the ‘more’ includes an article on the process of lengthening a cruise ship during Covid. The challenges, opportunities, setbacks and, in the end, a successful outcome underlines the ingenuity and innovation that ‘life in interesting times’ has demanded.

This issue of Seaways will set your year off on the right course, addressing a breadth of issues. Looking to the future of an effective, efficient and environmentally sustainable industry, we will learn more of the work going on in Marine Spatial Planning in an article by Deirdre Lane on p26. The NI has been providing leadership in this area for almost 10 years, with the short publication on ‘The Shipping Industry and Marine Spatial Planning’ published in November 2013. Work continues in this area, which is more critical than ever as we focus efforts on reducing green house emissions and look at future fuels – for more on this, see the Branch reports on pages 29 and 31. Branches and branch meetings offer excellent opportunities for learning and development – even more so now that it is possible to attend a branch meeting from anywhere in the world.

On p10, an in-depth look at creating and using route corridors on ECDIS by Emiliano Caroletti builds on the theme of managing waterspace, and making the most of all the tools at the mariner’s disposal, traditional and modern, to ensure safety.

Over 2021 the NI webinar series has continued, with excellent engagement from the industry and beyond. The plan for 2022 includes a number of ‘not to be missed’ webinars, so keep an eye out for the announcements! But we hope it will also offer a return to the chance to meet and learn from each other in the physical space. 

2022 is a special year for The Nautical Institute as we celebrate our 50th Anniversary in a series of events around the globe. It is a superb opportunity to showcase the contribution we make to improving maritime safety through the professional development support of our seafarers. With over a dozen events planned we look forward to being able to once again, share (safely) in the company of each other and the best practice examples of shipboard operations.

As with every New Year, it seems we look for new opportunities. The Nautical Institute is no different in this regard and after over 40 years in the old school premises of 202 Lambeth Road, the HQ team is now finally having to move to an adjacent property at 200B Lambeth Road. We will remain tenants of the Marine Society and Sea Cadets but will be moving to new purpose-built offce accommodation next door to where we have been for many years. The HQ team do hope you will find the time to visit when in London and
look forward to sustaining the warm welcome that has always been there for our visiting members.

I wish you again a very happy New Year, and hope to see many of you during the exciting events ahead.


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