202102 Misapplication of force leads to facial injury

02 Jan 2021 MARS 2021

A berthed tanker was discharging cargo and a deck crew member was assigned valve operation duties at the manifold. While applying force using an ‘f-spanner’ on one of the valves he slipped. His face hit the valve spindle with some considerable force causing an injury to his upper lip.

The company investigation found that, among other things, he had not assumed the proper position for the task. This was linked to his lack of experience and inadequate training for this particular job.


Lessons Learned

  • When investigating for cause, always go deeper than the unsafe act. In this case the unsafe act of not being properly positioned was linked to the unsafe condition of inadequate training.
  • All hazards related to a particular task should be explained to new crew. Proper training would include the execution of the task while under supervision.