202055 Lifting close call

19 Sep 2020 MARS 2020

A tanker was port side to at a dock and crew were installing the portable gangway. Once the gangway was in place between the ship and the dock, a crew member walked to the middle of the gangway and removed the four wire slings, motioning to the crane operator to heave up the rigging, which was connected to a single lifting ring.

During the lift, one of the loose slings became entangled between the steps of the gangway resulting in its sudden movement. The crew member immediately signalled to the crane operator to cease heaving, which he did. The wire sling was removed from the step and the slings were recovered without further issue.

Lessons learned

  • Even the most common, banal tasks can harbour hidden hazards. Vigilance and attention to detail are your best defences against unwanted consequences.
  • Good visual contact between a crane operator and the signaller is always a best practice.