202052 Corroded crane floor gives way

03 Sep 2020 MARS 2020

As edited from TSIB (Singapore) Safety Flyer – 2019/02

A container ship was in port to unload. A crew member entered the crane to work the cargo but as he put his weight on the floor of the crane cabin, it gave way. He fell from the crane cabin, a height of nearly 20 metres. He later succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

It was found that the base plate (floor) was severely corroded. Although the company’s planned maintenance system covered inspection of cranes, the corrosion of the base plate had not been detected.

Lessons learned

  • A crane cabin is essentially a ‘work at height’ area, with all the attendant risks of such a place. Every aspect of a crane cabin and ladder needs to be regularly inspected to ensure safety and integrity.