200302 Failure to Comply

02 Jan 2003 MARS

Failure to Comply
Report No. 200302

Own ship was a 300,000dwt tanker with a loaded draft of 21.75m. The "rogue" ship was a bulk carrier of approximately 10,000dwt. Our course was 220T and our speed was 15 knots and we observed a slow moving crossing target on our starboard bow at over 10nm whilst overtaking a bulk carrier on our own port side which was on a similar course to ours with a speed of 12.5 knots.

At a distance of 6nm (position 2) from the crossing target (now identified as a crane barge), own ship altered 5 degrees to starboard to increase the CPA of the crane barge to over 1nm. This would also allow the bulk carrier more sea room to alter to starboard to avoid a potential close quarters situation with the crane barge.

However, the bulk carrier maintained her course and speed and when she was at position 3, the crane barge called her on VHF Ch. 16 and again a few minutes later. No response was received. Following this, the crane barge was observed to take all her way off and alter her heading to parallel that of the "rogue" vessel.