Navigating Psychological Safety Onboard

Providing a comprehensive toolkit for seafarers to manage mental health crisis’ and provide a safe working environment with an emphasis on prevention through good leadership and management.

Embark on a transformative journey of well-being and resilience with our new 'Navigating Psychological Safety Onboard' course. This online course is delivered over four hours per day, spread over two consecutive days via Zoom.

The Navigating Psychological Safety Onboard course has been designed to help understand why mental health matters in the workplace and how we can identify what good and bad mental health looks like.

Benefit from developing a tool kit for identifying methods of supporting your crew and understand the signs of a possible mental health problem that needs rapid action. 

Course outline

This workshop has been developed to provide guidance and in depth knowledge on:

  • Understanding why mental health matters for seafarers
  • Identifying what good and poor mental health looks like and how the workplace affects that
  • The mental health continuum
  • Assessing and signposting
  • 'Red flags'
  • Risk management, safety and mental health.
  • Understand how to tackle difficult situations through case studies. 
Aims and objectives

Upon successful completion of the Navigating Psychological Safety Onboard Course, participants will be able to demonstrate competence in:

  • Understanding the responsibilities of the onboard Senior Management Team with regards to managing poor mental health onboard
  • Explain how common mental health myths can be challenged in relation to safety at sea/ashore
  • Understanding the effect of good and poor mental health
  • Analysing reasons why an individual might move up and down the continuum of mental health
  • Developing a toolkit for identifying a mental health crisis and actioning the most appropriate course of events effectively
  • Evaluate the workplace for high-risk scenarios that can affect mental health.
  • Explain what support can be provided to a member of staff regarding their mental health

The course is designed as a two-day online (insturctor lead) workshop.

The workshop is generally delivered over three hours per day (not including breaks).  

Who should attend?
The course is designed for members of the maritime community. Although there are no specific prerequisites, participants should have a good working knowledge of operations and the different roles on board. 

This is a pass/fail course.

To achieve a pass, participants must:

  • attend the course in full and, 
  • demonstrate the ability to complete all required elements of practical tasks during the course, to the satisfaction of the instructor.

Upon completion of The Nautical Institute Academy's Navigating Psychological Safety Onboard course candidates will receive a Certificate of Completion (eCopy).