The Evolution of Equality and Inclusion in the Maritime Profession Symposium 2019

03 Oct 2019 08:30AM - 04:30PM The University of Ottawa, Desmarais Hall, Room 12102. 55 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa ON Partner Event

A Master Mariners of Canada Symposium

Session 1: Unconscious Bias Session

Session 2: Junior Officer Panel

Session 3: Senior Officer Panel (equity success stories)

Session 4: The Maritime Profession and Government Organizations (equality and inclusion success stories)

Session 5: Industry Spotlight/Showcase (equality and inclusion insight, forward thinking)


Event programme: 


This event is free to attend but please register before September 24 @ Eventbrite

Interested Speakers or Sponsors, please contact: Capt/Dr. Jim Parsons @ or Capt. Amanda Slade @