RINA Technical Conference 2024: Managing CII and Associated Challenges

16 Jan 2024 08:30AM - 17 Jan 2024 07:00PM International Maritime Organization's Headquarters, 4 Albert Embankment, London, SE1 7SR Partner Event UK/London

On 16-17 January 2024, maritime industry professionals will gather for the Technical Conference on Managing CII and Associated Challenges at the International Maritime Organization’s Headquarters hosted by RINA.

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As part of its commitment to addressing climate change, the IMO has been working on the development of a Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) for international shipping. The CII is intended to measure the carbon efficiency of ships and assess their relative carbon emissions performance.

The concept of the CII was introduced in the IMO’s Initial Strategy on Reduction of GHG Emissions from Ships, adopted in 2018. The strategy sets out a vision to reduce total annual greenhouse gas emissions from international shipping.

The CII is being developed as a key tool to assess and monitor the carbon intensity of ships, providing a standardized and transparent measure for evaluating their energy efficiency and emissions performance. It is expected to be a dynamic indicator that can be updated periodically to reflect technological advancements and best practices.

The CII requirements will take effect from 2023, so in 2024 the industry is expecting to receive the first feedback of CII measure.

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects is proposing the technical conference to gather key stakeholders of the maritime industry to discuss challenges and opportunities of this measure.

“This is a timely initiative and it is good to see that high-profile stakeholders have announced already that they will take part,” comments Volker Bertram, Senior Project Manager at DNV.

Edwin Pang, Founder of maritime consultancy Arcsilea Ltd and Chair of the RINA IMO Committee, adds: “The conference is a great opportunity to learn about both successes and challenges in implementing the CII, and ideally timed to feed into the review of the short term measure.”

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