RINA Human Factors 2024

08 Oct 2024 08:20AM - 09 Oct 2024 07:00PM Wageningen, Netherlands, Hotel WICC, Lawickse Allee 9, Wageningen, 6701 AN Partner Event Netherlands

The Royal Institution of Naval Architects (RINA) and Maritime Research Institute Netherlands (MARIN) are organising the Human Factors 2024 Conference, which will be held on 8th-9th October 2024 in Wageningen, The Netherlands, with the Seven Oceans Simulator Centre of MARIN tour taking place on 10th October 2024.

The conference will provide an opportunity for human factors experts, naval architects, bridge officers and others to get together and discuss the recent developments. It will focus on lessons learned from interventions and applied research that were successful, or even more interesting, unexpected or bad results. For example, implementation of new automation on board that worked out differently or behavioral interventions that had unexpected effects. It is all about applied research that provides learned lessons for future Human Factor research, specifically for the Maritime domain.

As part of the conference, the delegates will have a unique opportunity to visit the new Seven Oceans Simulator centre of MARIN on 10th October 2024, where the attendees will have a chance to:

  • Tour in the brand new Seven Oceans Simulator centre
  • A workshop on how to design a bridge layout for special purpose vessels with physical mock-ups.
  • A workshop measuring human performance covering eve-tracking, emotion recognition, heart rate variability and galvanic skin response.
    ….. and more!

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