Pilotage and Casualties

08 Jun 2023 06:00PM - 10:00PM Thomas Miller Office, London, UK Joint Informal Meeting UK/London

Finding practical ways to prevent casualties arising from pilotage:

  • How can crew be encouraged to challenge the pilot should the need arise?
  • A pilot’s perspective: what are the key ingredients for safe and efficient pilotage?
  • What have been the outcomes when pilotage cases have gone to court?

Chair: Steve Cameron AFNI - Cameron Maritime Resources
Speakers: Petar Modev – Head of Ship Inspections, UK P&I Club
Captain Christopher F Hoyle – Vice-Chair, UKMPA Technical & Training Committee
Captain Peter McArthur FNI – Marine Technical Consultant
Andrew Bell FNI – Master Mariner & Marine Casualty Investigator


The event will be held in person and online, please register here

Venue: Thomas Miller Office, 90 Fenchurch Street, London EC3M 4ST, UK