Human Centred Design in Ship Navigation

28 Nov 2019 09:30AM - 05:30PM Inmarsat Headquarters London, 99 City Road, London EC1Y 1AX Seminar

This interactive forum will provide an exchange of ideas to share thoughts about and to increase the emphasis on Human Centred Design (HCD) as part of the development process for future navigation systems.

The objective is to create a forum where delegates can interact and better understand human element issues and how to address them; to evaluate and explore human element challenges and systems design; and to assess the effectiveness of existing training and familiarisation with a view to improvement for the future.

Workshop attendees will include mariners, shipping companies, manufacturers, trainers and academics.

The full programme is under development. CIRM members with something to say about the application of HCD are invited to submit a brief for a presentation... Call for papers deadline 27th September. Sponsorship opportunites also available, contact

Provisional Timetable (subject to minor change)


  • Understanding HCD
  • Tools and techniques for applying HCD
  • Group discussion


  • Breakout groups
  • Group feedback
  • Conclusions and recommendations