DP Operator's Handbook - 3rd edition

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ISBN: 978 1 906915 76 6
Release year: 2020
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Dynamic positioning is a highly effective tool for precision control of vessels, and its use has spread well beyond the offshore oil and gas sector. Increasingly, DP capability is found on dredgers, cruise ships, superyachts and vessels involved in renewable energy projects.

In this third edition the content has been revised to take account of advances in technology and its application aboard DP-equipped vessels. It is a practical guide for serving and trainee DPOs and trainers, so concentrates on operational functions, setting up and testing equipment, bridge management and communications.

The handbook is the flagship text for the DP Training Scheme administered by The Nautical Institute and is an indispensable reference for all seafarers who need to understand and use this sophisticated technology.


The introduction and opening chapter of this publication are available to read for free in the below pdf.

DP Operators Handbook - Extract