The NI is at the IMO Headquarters

07 Feb 2024 Institute News

The Nautical Institute is at International Maritime Organization (IMO) Headquarters in London this week for the meeting of the Sub-Committee on Human Element, Training and Watchkeeping (HTW)...

This important meeting of regulators and stakeholders is of particular significance to the NI, as it deals with the human element in shipping including training and certification.

NI CEO John Lloyd gave a presentation to the Human Element Industry Group (HEIG) stressing the importance of the Human Element Checklist when considering regulatory changes

Our Publications Team is also at IMO HQ showcasing one pillar of the NI’s work improving education standards and supporting seafarer professional development - our range of guides, books and handbooks. Covering key topics from navigation to security, casualty management to seamanship, our titles are regularly updated to reflect regulatory changes and best practice.

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