The Nautical Institute launches five-year Strategic Plan

25 Feb 2021 Institute News

The pandemic has prompted many organisations to review their activities, but The Nautical Institute was already well along that path when the virus sent the world into lockdown. The necessity of making more use of online platforms for communication, education and certification simply brought forward some of the changes the Institute was planning.

However, the aims of NI’s new Strategic Plan 2021-2026 are far more ambitious than simply expanding our programme of webinars!

To improve focus on our core functions, the Institute has been reorganised into four departments: Membership and Branches; Information and Publishing; Research and Relationships; and Qualifications. These activities are now served by a Central Business Services Hub – the administrative heart of NIHQ.
Over the next five years, the NI plans to:

  • expand membership from the current 7,000 to at least 10,000
  • revitalise and improve support for NI branches
  • use the new Legacy Scheme to support education and training initiatives
  • introduce a one-to-one mentoring scheme that will draw on NI members’ knowledge and experience
  • enhance the work of the Younger Members Council and provide students with free digital membership of the Institute.

For more detail about how the NI intends to meet the challenges of the next five years, see the Strategic Plan summary on the website.

The current (February) issue of Seaways also includes an article by NI CEO Captain John Lloyd on this exercise in long-term passage planning.