Take 10: Issue 9

01 Jun 2015 The Navigator

This issue of The Navigator has focused on professional development. Here are ten key points to read and remember.

1 Human instinct

Lifelong learning, or professional development, is a natural human trait

2 Keep in touch

Navigators must keep current to be effective professionals

3 Anytime, anywhere

Professional development can be a casual process, which includes reading and listening

4 A formal process

Whereas CPD is a formal process involving the cycle of research, planning, recording and reflection 

5 Winning friends and influencing people

CPD is an excellent tool for learning and is highly regarded by employers

6 The best things in life are free

Professional development need not be expensive, navigators can learn from books, manuals, magazines and the Internet

7 Mentoring matters

Mentoring and being mentored is often the best form of professional development

8 Keep learning; stay safe

Not maintaining knowledge can cause accidents, cost lives, and land you in jail

9 A lifelong commitment

CPD can and should be a lifelong process to support you through all your careers

10 Sharing is caring

It is always good to share knowledge and professional development materials (like The Navigator) with others