Take 10: Issue 33

07 Jun 2023 The Navigator

Ten ways in which you can play your part in protecting the environment at sea

1 Citizens of the world

Navigators have a significant role to play as custodians of the sea. Managing compliance, exceeding minimum standards and developing practical solutions are all part of this

2 Prepare to make a difference

In he drive to make shipping more environmentally friendly and sustainable, regulations and technological solutions are
developing fast. Be ready to meet these changes and excel

3 Safety first

New fuels and propulsion systems come with significant new risks. Mariners and managers need to ensure that all personnel,
both on board and ashore, are familiar and competent to handle these under normal and emergency situations

4 All in it together

Compliance and sustainability is not the remit of any one department. Don’t assume it is up to someone else - assess what you need to do, and how to ensure that the ship and company also follow suit

5 Above and beyond

Many areas of compliance are mandatory; however, there are even more voluntary activities that can be undertaken to help the planet and its creatures survive. What can you do to help?

6 Winning innovation

Many companies reward crew initiatives around sustainability, including recycling, greener procedures and ecological design.
Explore your options

7 Common sense

Navigators should cautiously welcome AI-based decision support solutions to help them make greener voyages. However,
the data needs to be correct and decisions must make sense. Question anything that doesn’t seem in the best practice of

8 Share and share alike

Share your thoughts about sustainability and why compliance is important. Try to win hearts and minds on board and ashore. A
willing volunteer will produce better results than someone who feels forced to act

9 Take Pride

Take pride The maritime community, and society as a whole, is benefitting hugely from seafarers’ commitments to the environment. Be proud of your role in this

10 Feel the love

Navigators are privileged to see and appreciate the oceans in a way that few other people on the planet do. Absorb the joys of the seas and perhaps, if you have the opportunity to work ashore, you might use that knowledge and experience to good effect

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