Take 10: Issue 31

01 Oct 2022 The Navigator

1 A sea of information

We live in a world of information with shipping in the thick of it. Ships and their crews need to understand how to use the information that is exchanged between ship and shore to make the best decisions.

2 Collaboration is key

By their very nature, ships and ship operations have a high risk of inducing tiredness and fatigue, with causes including ship design, onboard tasks and the motion of the seas.

3 Good, great or dangerous?

Good information can be great, but not all information is good or useful – and some can be dangerous. Always question the value of information before making critical decisions.

4 Playing many parts

It is critical for navigators to carry out their role safely. However, as an employee of a commercial venture, it is also important for navigators to use and provide commercial information to best effect. Understanding how information flows support your company’s business models will help you to add value.

5 Beyond the horizon

Information provided by shore services can offer you a clearer picture of what lies beyond the horizon. Weather forecasts, voyage planning advice and even berth and cargo availability can improve your decisions.

6 Stay cyber aware

Cyber threats are very much a reality, so take time to understand (as best possible) where risks lie, what your company policies say and the contents of recovery plans.

7 Knowledge is power

As maritime become more integrated into global logistics and supply chains, the more navigators know about information management, the faster they can progress.

8 Share and share alike

Don’t be fooled into thinking that an understanding of information management comes with rank; the use and understanding of data and information can be gained by all ages and experiences.

9 All available options

Ship/shore collaboration does not necessarily need to be formal. Official information is usually best, but intelligence and knowledge about regions or ports can also be gained from informal internet sources, discussions with locals and sharing information with other navigators.

10 Into the future

Increasingly you will come across decision support tools like artificial intelligence, machine learning etc… Understand these the best you can, but never forget the skills and experience you have as a mariner.

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